“Everything will happen as was written by the Lord,” replied the prophet. “There are moments when tribulations occur in our lives, and we cannot avoid them. But they are there for some reason.”

“What reason?”

“That is a question we cannot answer before, or even during the trials. Only when we have overcome them do we understand why they were there.” 

-The Fifth Mountain, Paulo Coelho


And then after passing through the trials, a Sufi would sing-

तूं यकीन करे यां न करे तुझे चाह कर मैं संवर गई

तेरे इश्क में वो जुनून है कि मैं सब हदों से गुज़र गई।

तेरे हर कदम पे निसार हैं मेरी चाहतें मेरी उल्फतें

तेरी राह मुझसे जुदा नहीं तूं जिधर चला मैं उधर गई।

तेरी रहमतों की वो बारिशें जो हुई हैं मेरे वजूद पर

इस जिस्म से मेरी रूह तक इक चांदनी सी उतर गई।।



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