for ‘LIFE’..

Beloved be near or far, love keeps soaring at par.💕

Getting intoxicated by Divinity makes Earthly life a total bliss. – Mania 💫 

The pure surrender in love makes the two souls one yet love always aspires for more.

Life was doomed to be an endless race till it followed my dictation but His love-flags made every phase look prettier than destination.

I found You while seeking who I was. Now keep me safe in Your Domain n my seeing through You may never pause. 

“True Charity consists in bearing with all the defects of our neighbor, in not being surprised at his failings, and in being edified by his least virtues…”‘The Little way’

Great is the one who recognizes greatness in others.

“Waiting is the first lesson of love.” – Paul Coelho

He only sustains us all!

“Tout est grace”

Divinity is not confined to the religious structures. An open vision is required to see it pervading everything around. 

Closer we are drawn in love with Lord, Farther we get from our ‘self.’

Every bit of diversity is a reminder to admire the divine art of Almighty. – Divine Art  

“Make me learn how to get rid of self in myself and live intimately with Him. I must disappear completely – if I want God to have the whole”– St Teresa of Calcutta

The simple pursuit of love easily becomes complex when it is not of the Lord. – Pat Cegan

“I have reached the point of not being able to suffer any more, because all suffering is sweet to me.” – Dard

“When outside- in the work – or meeting people – there is presence – of somebody living very close- in very me.” – ‘V’ YOG

The charm of Divine Love ‘knowingly’ surpasses the bliss of heaven and ‘surprisingly’ outreaches the pain of hell too!  – Ishq-e-Haqeeqi


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