The Melancholy and the Moody…

IMG_20180704_123930_975All set for a walk after dinner, as I stepped out of the premises of my house, I spotted bewitchingly beautiful moon that bore a striking similarity to a molten silver ball. A quick frisk through my jacket and I was all set with my phone to savour the moment. Perhaps it was a full moon and had an indescribable posture -so melancholy yet so calm, as if it had the freedom to witness every event, discern every silhouette, imbibe every charm and still be steadfast in its restlessness. Just stuck in my own notion and emotion about the glistening ball, I got back to my task of clicking a picture or two. As I raised my phone above, the moon gently swayed behind the clouds.


I got a little irked by this (thought moon to be a deliberate task master🤔for this move). Though this scene too had its beauty but I walked ahead in denial and soon I got engrossed in my own mind’s chatter. As soon as I crossed the road, I again became mindful of the moon and looked towards the lonely sky… it was there, this time offering me a clearer sight.


For a moment I just felt as if the moon had just denied to be clicked and then it had followed me all along to figure out whether I was still interested (so what..if it wasn’t so,  it’s me who has got the pen and paper😎). Anyways I tried to focus the camera to get a photo but to my dejection, the artificial lights around had curtailed the effect (moon was surely such a prankster to delude me with its presence and then disallowed me to click it). Walking ahead several steps, my eyes searchingly gazed at the sky for my chance and there it was, still walking all along stealthily making its way from behind the trees (now that was too much of a tantrum by then🙄).

IMG_20180704_124013_518Surely that was the final time I waited for the last moment and I set back to my home…this time avoiding to get a vision even with the corner of my eye. As I were to enter in, I couldn’t help looking up for one last time and there it was- at its beauty best and gave me the desired clicks.

NCaptureAs I slipped into my bed, I smiled at the whole episode with a question as to who was more moody-the moon or myself….


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