with ‘LIFE’..

PicsArt_08-12-01.54.49  Our charioteer

PicsArt_11-06-12.33.54 Falling in love with GOD

PicsArt_07-14-04.18.29 Human bonding with Almighty

images (1)  Nidra Samadhi

Capture n e  Daring to die

Capture The eternal fountain of bliss

SCI Spiritual vision for Science

images (22) Elevator to God

Life Having a Meaningful Life

Capture Road to self realization

PicsArt_07-21-11.18.22  Perfection is ..To LOVE..

सह The Spiritual learning

pencil A pencil- something special

Swadharma Resolving the dilemma of duty

Capture n  Worry Not

desire ‘Desire proof’

Clock Being Different

sa Sanity redefined

Vinoba-Bhave-ili-97-img-7 A phenomenon called mind

IMG-20180531-WA0002 Character building

PicsArt_11-24-06.57.05 The Sun within

images  Waiting for the thief