Falling in love with GOD



Having no money to give, having no brain to learn, Having no time for yoga, To Thee, O Sweet one, Give myself, to Thee my body and mind.” 

-Swami Vivekanad

The need to love and to be loved exists in all men and animals but its manifestation varies. This passion, in fact, is the spark of the divine love which is the highest and the last manifestation of prana. We attempt to seek its fulfillment through our strings of attachment in the world, which may provide transitory contentment to body and mind but the soul remains hungry until it realizes its love for God. All the living beings are undoubtedly, the fragments of that One Universal Being. It is believed that God split himself up into many beings and sent us here because He wanted to savor the nectar of love. However, His splendid creation deluded us and we forgot about the actual purpose.

Once He lets us feel His love, we cannot resist. The compelling urge for Him leaves the pedantic reason behind and traces its own route through the direction from within. Unremitting remembrance of God and natural diversion of all our emotions to Him are the basic traits of this heavenly experience. It is same as the love we have in our ordinary life but the expression is far more subtle and refined. The fondness for God is conveyed by—

Seeing His expansion in all the beings around– such a sentiment makes the whole world dear to us and we faithfully express our love for Lord by lovingly serving others.

Seeing Him as the one sitting within– this type of realization develops a natural inclination for recluse and self sufficiency.

Adoring Him as an idol– we reverently presume that an image holds all His opulence. Such an emotion personifies the all pervasive Almighty and makes Him tangible.

Trying to be absolutely His way– as He expects us to be kind, humble, compassionate and righteous in our general behavior, we tend to please Him by conquering our negative tendencies.

So, when the sun of divine love rises up, all the play-sun’s of power, wealth, fame etc lose their charm. The darkness of anger, hatred, envy, lust and false-ego disappears. This splendor of absolute bliss vanquishes our self-centered desires and one is set eternally free from the bondages of fear and attachment. Finally, love, lover and beloved become one and achieve the intended purpose. 

Yet, the perfect lovers of God, like Shri Hanuman Ji, wish to live on and on just for the sake of loving Him. Shri Bharat Ji also puts up a similar demand that he wants no salvation rather he be born again and again with a heart lovingly fixed in devotion towards Lord Ram’s feet.

अरथ न धरम न काम रुचि गति न चहउँ निरबान।

जन्म-जन्म रति राम पद यह बरदानु न आन॥

After all, the sweetness of sugar cannot be savoured by the one who becomes sugar itself! Hence, God and His lover (Bhakta) take delight in being outwardly separated despite being intrinsically united.

“प्रीतम तूं मेरी हाला है, मैं तेरा प्यासा प्याला;

अपने को तूं मुझमें भरके, बनता है पीने वाला।।”


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