Having Lord as our charioteer


There arose perplexity in the mind of Arjuna while standing in the middle of Krukshetra’s battlefield. He candidly conveyed his thoughts to Lord Krishna, whom he considered to be his friend. He had entrusted not only the reins of his horses to Krishna but also of his mind. Arjuna sought His guidance which led to the recital of Bhagwad Gita through the divine lips of Lord Himself. This heavenly discourse dispelled Arjuna’s delusions and he grasped what he ought to do. Similarly, life is a like a battlefield for the soul. As portrayed in Gita only, ‘jeev atma’ rides on the chariot which is our body. The horses are the five senses whose reins lie with the mind. So if  our mind is surrendered to  The Supreme soul (Parmatma), He becomes the charioteer of the soul (Aatma) and hence  the senses are saved from going on the wrong path.

Therefore, when we sincerely call for God’s help and wholly submit to Him, right direction instantly comes our way. The underlying factor, however, is the absolute faith. 

In the nutshell, having our Idol at the driving seat, we can joyfully pass through the uneven journey  of life.

“निकालेगा कश्ती भवर से तुम्हारी,
खुदा को माझी बना कर तो देखो।”

 Ref- Talks on Gita, by Acharya Vinoba Bhave


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