The eternal fountain of bliss



Our subtle body consists of mind, self, intellect and ego; the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell belong to the physical body. We all have a huge reservoir of wisdom within us but our mental conditioning veils it. The external objects and situations force their entry through our sense organs and attempt to secure a foothold in the mind. If the senses go astray and the mind is also led away by them, it deflects the intelligence. On the contrary, the reason is reinforced if the mind follows its direction. Mind’s deference to the intellect and its strong guard over the senses bring harmony in our conscious and felicity in our actions. This equilibrium is the manifestation of steadfast wisdom.

Bhagwad Gita has widely explained the characteristics of a man with steadfast wisdom, ‘Sthirprajnya’. The incessant practice of self-control builds up steadiness as our second nature. It is not about suppressing the desires but the state of mind when it genuinely does not feel the need to wish for anything particular of the world. It is actually the hunger for happiness which makes us crave for a thing- any obstacle in its way sparks up the anger and the string of attachment with it begets the panic of loss. Realizing the fact that happiness lies within ourselves and is not subject to any outside factor we stay composed in the midst of pleasant well as the unpleasant. In this way, the settled intelligence sets us free from passion, rage and fear by detaching the mind from the materialistic glut. The body keeps working for the family and society but the mind does not retain impression of any work once it is over.

Also, our wisdom grows steady and attains stability when we remain constantly aware about our real identity- merely a speck of the infinite whole. This equips us with the self mastery, enabling the mind to rest in tranquil even when we physically live in the worldly splendor. Our internal strength provides ready solutions to the external challenges of life.

Moreover, intellect indicates only direction but the feelings actuate us for the appropriate movement. As we get firmly connected to the inner self, our sensitivity, knowledge and the activity move in a perfect blend. The balanced fusion of reason and emotion permeates us with the spirit of belongingness and atonement for everybody around.

The man with steadfast wisdom is simple and natural; free from hypocrisy and artificiality. His poised attitude is well reflected through purity in all his activities. He reasonably takes care of his bodily needs without any over-indulgence. He does his duty sincerely but is never concerned for the reward or appreciation. His absolute surrender to God’s will entitles the providence to freely use him as an instrument for accomplishing its tasks. Thus, such a man acts like a beacon light for others and his own soul revels in the eternal fountain of bliss within.

Ref- Steadfast Wisdom, Acharya Vinoba Bhave


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