कई दफ़ा सोचा मैंने…मैं ख़्याल को बयान करूँ कुछ हर्फ़ में, अल्फ़ाज़ में, क़लम से उतार दूँ कभी लगते हैं … More

Of Love and Pain

Love knows no bounds And so does pain. Amidst the arrivals n departures, Lie rendezvous awaiting Some etch deep in … More

The way to be

Speak less Listen more Hate none If can’t love all. Pause..breathe..laugh aloud… In the sojourn called life. For its a … More

Living by faith

FAITH is the Force Actively Invigorating The Heart. It is a stimulus that sustains our survival, a push factor that … More