The following experiences, privately shared by Saint Teresa of Calcutta, very well resonate with the spirit of the audio clip- 

“I am just full – I did not know that love could make one suffer so much. – That was suffering of loss – this is of longing – of pain human but caused by the Divine.”   – (November 6, 1958)

“Since God wants me to abstain from the joy of the riches of spiritual life – … I just have the joy of having nothing- not even the reality of the Presence of God. – No prayer, no love, no faith – nothing but continual pain of longing for God.” (February 17, 1962)

“Pray for me – for the life within me is harder to live. To be in love and yet not to love. To live by faith and yet not to believe. To spend myself and yet be in total darkness.”  –  (May 17, 1964)

Source – Come be My Light, Ch. 9 and Ch. 11

Describing the ‘joy of having nothing’ in a Sufi way-

जिन्हें तुमसे मोहब्बत हो गई है,

तड़पना उनकी फितरत हो गई।

जब से तेरा गम दिल में बस गया है,

गम ए दौरां से फुर्सत हो गई है।।


कभी अरश पर कभी फर्श पर

कभी तेरे दर कभी दरबदर

ऐ गम ए आशिकी तेरा शुक्रिया

न जाने कैसे कैसे दौर से

मैं गुज़र गया।

Sometimes swaying with ecstasy of skies

And at times brutally falling onto floors

Those unforgettable moments of being lifted in Your arms

And then the unending span of lone wanderings

I feel indebted to these stinging pangs of Love

For having me unknowingly traversed my many misfortunes..


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