A stranded soul


Not much distance had been covered yet that a soul was awestruck to find itself abandoned in the stream of existence.

“No!! this is not possible. He can not do this to me.”

 “Oh Lord.. You have always been so loving and kind; constantly doing extra favors to me. How come this sudden repudiation?”

मुझको अपना बना कर क्यों छोड़ा, नाता था किस लिए मुझसे जोड़ा।

The set of thoughts began to thread as the soul choked with pain-

“He had stepped into my boat on His own and started rowing it. He changed its course and I felt to be the most fortunate one for the way He was carrying me.”

दिल की हर तरंग उमंग से गाने लगी, तुम्हें देखा और ज़िंदगी मुस्कुराने लगी।

“Why this deadly disappearance now?”

फिज़ाओं से पूछा कई बार तुमको, पता तुम अपना कर तो जाते।

अगर बेसबब थी हमारी शिकायत, ज़रा आँख हमसे मिलाकर तो जाते।

Distraught with obfuscation, it pleaded-

“You are my creator, my companion and also my destination. Each phase of this journey has been so delightful simply due to Your presence. I relished the splendid beauty spread by You all around and reveled in the tribulations too as You were by my side.”

जब से तेरी मेहब्बत मेरी सांसों में शुमार हुई, मज़ा ज़िंदगी का आने लगा।

“But now every bit of Your splendor is terrifying me because I am not able to see You. I still cannot believe that You have left me unaided like this. You know that I am totally incapacitated without You.”

तुम बिन अंधेरी दुनिया, खौफ़नाक चार ज़ू है।

Unable to get any clue of what was happening, it wailed

“It must have been surely my faults that have annoyed You but O my Savior! I had been faulty always. Yet, You blessed me every time. Then why this abrupt estrangement?”

क्या भूल हुई प्यारे जो दिल ही तोड़ दिया, प्रीत करी हमसे और मझधार में छोड़ दिया।

क्या रीत तेरी ये ही इतना तो बता जाना, मनमोहन सांवरिया इक बार तो आ जाना।

“All right.. if this is your trick to rectify me, I am ready to suffer but do it in the least possible time. I am too weak to bear it for long. And if I succumb to this affliction, others will curse You for taking up my charge and then not taking care of me well. Please do not cause me bring any disgrace to You. ”

तड़पते हुए अगर मिट गए हम तो लोग कहेंगे क्या खुदा ही सहारा न हुआ

इसलिए बेरुखी पर भी तेरा नाम लिए जाएंगें तूं बदनाम हो हमें यह गवारा न हुआ ।

Overwhelmed by guilt and despair the tormented soul thought again-

“I never deserved this intimacy and my unworthiness has finally stripped me of Him. How miserable of me to have lost the Supreme bliss.”

सुना कर मुझे प्रीत के नगमे वो कहां चल दिए जाने क्या दिल में आया

हाय! मेरा कैसा यह बिगड़ा नसीब घर आया अपना यार गंवा दिया।

“Or was it my fantasy- merely a dream? He was not ever present here otherwise He would not have been apathetic to my agony.”

इतना कहकर समझाते हैं दिल को हर किसी के मुकद्दर में तेरा प्यार नहीं होता।

बेहिसाब रहीं हमारी ही खामियों वरना यूं ही कोई बेवफ़ा नहीं होता।

The shattered soul was about to faint that the rower reappeared with a new boat.

“Come my child! I just took a moment to make arrangements for your journey ahead.”

“It would have a moment for You but an eon of doom for me my Lord” the soul lamented.

हम बिन तेरे अधूरे हैं ऐसे, कोई तन प्राण के बग़ैर जैसे।