The echo of Silence


‘Actions speak louder than words’ is a common proverb. What if I say that silence is one of the actions and actually speaks louder than the words? The concept of gestural communication is well recognized but in the realm of spirituality, silence goes a step ahead as it implies absence of gestures too. Then, how does silence speak? This needs a little reflection on our part.

Is it not that many a time, we get so overwhelmed with an emotion that words utterly fail to express what we feel. Very often we convey our annoyance by being quiet rather than shouting every time. Unthinkable events simply render us speechless. Thus, it is not unusual for anybody to have felt short of expressions at some point of life. It so happens because all the external notes have their limitation but the internal chords reach seamlessly.

Silence holds the powerful vibrations which effectively carry our thoughts and sentiments. Besides, this is the only mode of communicating with the self inside. Meditation, self-introspection, contemplation and other similar exercises are founded upon the art of silence. Here, the silence is not just of the mouth but of mind too. It is indeed a matter of practice to keep the mind still i.e. free of random thoughts and for that sake one must first learn to be outwardly quiet. By cutting down on redundant speech and resisting the raw retort our mind is saved from the avoidable turbulence.

Keeping a watchful eye on the inner spinning of thoughts and gradually taking them to stillness help us to have a healthy inner dialogue. In fact, a silent ambience automatically leads the mind to a perfect tranquil. Ability to master this two-way silence opens the huge reservoir of an excellent energy that enriches our overall disposition. We become efficient in making decisions, handling crisis and managing relationships. Hence, there is a transmission of positivity, divinity and morality through an echo, which is of silence and not of sound.


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