Character building


We are identified in the world not just through our physical appearance but also through our conduct. Our conduct, in turn, depends on our perspective, which has been conditioned through the varied experiences we face over a period of time. So, there is a cascading two-way cause and effect relationship because we react to a situation in the manner consistent to our thinking and the result of a situation would affect how we think in future. In this way, we keep learning the lessons throughout life and our mind is accordingly molded. The aggregate of innate and acquired tendencies of the mind is termed as character of a person.

There is a wide talk about reforms in social, political, cultural arena but we miss it out at the individual level which is the real harbinger for change. A healthy society is a structure built upon the upright character of its members. In this context, Swami Sharanand Ji said that we can have a beautiful society if the basic rights of all its members are secured and this can be achieved if the people behave fairly with themselves and tenderly with others. Being fair to self implies that I should be able to recognize my faults and earnestly try to make the correction.  A thought of concern for my fellow beings would ensure that I do nothing at their cost. Such a reform in my individuality would occur only if my mind is able to rise above selfishness and that is enabled by connecting it with the inner self.

Human life gives us an invaluable opportunity to attain self realization. Once I am aware about my real identity in the Universe, the priorities of my life would completely change. I would realize the fact that my physical existence is a means for rendering selfless service to others and not for merely accumulating goods to please my senses. The reform in my perspective would be reflected through my conduct and that is the foundation for reforming the society or a system at large. This also calls for wakening up to the need of erecting a strong individuality of our children by imparting them the `real knowledge’. They tend to do what they see us doing. Hence, it is our character which will build up theirs.

Ref- ‘मानव की मांग’, स्वामी शरणानंद जी



  1. What a wonderful post! True in this race for everything, to build larger houses, bigger bank accounts we forget that it is character that we should build. 🙂

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  2. I agree with “a beautiful society if (…) the people behave fairly with themselves and tenderly with others”. It is the way we can live” “loving ourselves and also loving All. Thank you for a great post!

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  3. All these are very deep and profound. Caught up in the nothingness of life, we have no time to think like that. One step at a time is a good way, like being aware of ourselves at all times of how we act and what we do to start with.

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  4. “Reform at individual level is the harbinger for change”…..cannot agree more with your words my friend. When focus shifts from material pursuits and external success to internal growth and character building true progress and development happens!

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  5. I agree completely… We are so quick to point out how other people can change or how society can change but rarely believe we should ask ourselves how we can change. Don’t they often say change begins you ?
    Beautiful as always❤️🙏

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