Viyog- Vishesh Yog

The painful period of separation is the occasion to relive the beautiful moments of association. In our Braj Literature, this has been explained as the binding force which keeps the lovers ever united despite the visible remoteness in our Braj literature-

वेश पवन धर चुपके से इस तन को छूते वो हैं,
भीनी भीनी महक बनके सांसों में घुले वो हैं,
पर मैं बांवरी समझ न पाती मैं उनमें यां मुझमें वो हैं।
बंद नयन की तस्वीरों में अनजाने हमदम वो है,
नयन खोल जो देखूं शीशा तो सामने प्रतिबिंब वो हैं,
पर मैं बांवरी समझ न पाती मैं उनमें यां मुझमें वो हैं।
जीवन की हर ख्वाहिश में कहीं न कहीं छिपे वो हैं
दूरियों की नजदिकियाों की हर वेला में संग वो हैं।
पर मैं बांवरी समझ न पाती मैं उनमें यां मुझमें वो हैं।

-Shri Vinod ji Agarwal

The feelings of the Gopis (presented in the audio file) are very well corroborated in the private writings of Mother Teresa, compiled in the book ‘Come be my Light’ as –

Gone is the love for anything and anybody- and yet- I long for God. I long to love Him with a deep personal love.- I can’t say I am distracted – my mind and soul are habitually with God. – how this thing must sound foolish to You because of its contradiction. – For my meditation I am using the Passion of Jesus – I am afraid I make no meditation – but only look at Jesus suffer – and keep repeating (to Mother Mary) – “let me share with you His pain!”      – (Chapter 9, endnote 57)

“My soul is just like an ice block – I have nothing to say. – I don’t know what is really happening to me- for even now when I am surrounded with so many nuns & people,  with the things that could preoccupy me completely- Father, mind – my heart – my very thoughts & feelings seem so very far – so far that I don’t know where they are, but on pulling myself up I find they are with God.”

“When outside- in the work – or meeting people – there is presence – of somebody living very close- in very me. – I dont know what this is – but very often, every day – that love in me for God grows more real- I find myself telling Jesus unconsciously most strange tokens of love.”

-(Chapter 10)

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