The Vastness


As I hear the chirping

I wonder what they talk

the little birds…

Lost in their chatter

With much love & care,

They gather it all…

the twigs…the grass..the litter

And a nest is up…

without saying with symbols or words…


In a moment of silence

I sat and watched it

A Rose…

Fully blossomed it was yesterday…

Spread its fragrance

And enticing hues..

Its gone; see it no more today..


So much…

to wonder…

to realise…learn and enjoy…

Such vastness  that lies hidden..

With perfection encompassed..

So incomprehensible is the creation

And so small am I…


Image source – Google






  1. This is sooooo beautiful – magic of nature and us – little humans feeling sooo vast. What a blessing to read your words and dip into the feeling of being a little drop – in the vast ocean of all creation – of pure love, light and perfect harmony. Thank you for taking me there. 🙂

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