The known Unknowns

It was while resting on my chair in the garden, I just had this intuition from nowhere of being watched at and to be wanted to be talked to… As I raised my head to look around there was assurance of nothingness from all around so I casually laid back my head in resting position. And suddenly through the mesh of my eyelashes I spotted these two trees facing me. Although I was aware of their presence, yet this time it was different and the difference could be attributed to their antonymous appearance.IMG_3963

The one laden with bright red flowers was standing with an air of youthfulness. Basking in the glory of its magnificent looks,it had every possible reason to rejoice. The bulbuls, sparrows, parrots, tits hovered around it so admirably as if they wished to leave no stone unturned to embellish it to the best. Even the fallen flowers and litter that specked the ground beneath, appeared to be celebrating the celebrated to the best of their extent that they seemed to be indifferent of their physical separation from the branches.IMG_3964

And there to my other side,the older mate stood by…shaggy but serene like a philosopher, a wanderer who was indifferent to its outer appearance and had an enormity of insight into almost everything around… the air… the events… people… birds crowding its branches.. the ground beneath and what not… The intertwined branches and the withered trunk were the flag bearers of its age old wisdom, the secrets, the long strife for survival right from being a seed to present times of constancy.

Lost in the dilemma of relating the two trees as two unique entities who had a lot to say and share about themselves or realising  them as the two phases of the same being…a s I thought, I delved deeper into knowing them until I was distracted by the doorbell of my house. As I got up from my chair I could see them looking into my face as to identify my insight about them.. which was still fade…


  1. Wonderful piece of work. I loved reading this. The comparison and your thoughts on trees were fascinating. This blog has deep insights and lots of thoughts running in and around my mind.

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    1. Yes exactly…here and there…what we know is of little importance in relation to the deep mysteries that are held by the universe😊
      Thank u for your kind comment🙏🏼😊


  2. I was looking for your writing and was so happy to see this — wonderful. The two trees, their pictures and your deep thoughts – about them and us – the seasons of our lives. Thank you for this delicious food for thought. 🙂

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