The continuum



After taking Dinner, Anu was playing ludo with Anshul. Suddenly there was a power cut. Gripped with fear the little boy clutched his mom and screamed

“Mama are u there?”

“Yes beta my arms are holding u tight.”

“But I can’t see u.”

“That it so because it is dark now.”

“What does that mean?”

“When there is no light, we call it darkness because we can not see without light.” She told him while taking him out in verandah. 

Looking at the bright Moonlight, the child cheerfully said,

“Oh the sky is so beautiful. Where do these tiny stars go in the daytime?”

The mother smiled and said,

“They stay here only but due to Sunlight we can not see them.”

Seeing perplexity on the cute face, Anu could guess what he would ask next. Just then light got back and Anshul was led to his bed.

Forgetting everything the little one instantly fell asleep while Anu kept thinking how would have she answered about the cognitive continuum of light and darkness.






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