Living My way


It is very right what they speak

But I have my own way to think.

It is all relevant what they recommend

Yet it may not suit my temperament.

They may call me an outdated rot

But I cannot pretend what I am not.

My mistakes often embarrassed me

Yet I must say they have nurtured me.

They expect me to be good in public walk

But I feel nothing better than self talk.

So blessed was that day

When I decided to be just my way!


Image Source- Google


  1. Oh, my…Sakshi, I just found this, and it feels so close to what I wrote a few days ago…we must be hearing the same whispers, thank you for being there! *smiling heart*

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  2. I can totally relate to this poem. I learned from some hippies that being oneself is the only way to be. I have lived my life this way and it has taken me to some unreal events I never thought of back then. Thanks for sharing this ” beingalive”

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