HE only knows


So, the special day came and casually passed by. I felt like doing nothing as it used to be previously- widely hunting for His `catchy but cozy’ dress, matching the accessories from head to toe, decorating His jhoola, lighting up the temple room, learning some new recipe for Bhog etc. Why did I lack the usual fervor – Am I drifting away or is He drawing me closer? – HE only knows. As on my part, I treasure this ‘guilt’ of inertia as it seems to be actually a ‘guide’ in disguise for the journey ahead.

In fact, as it is said that He labors really hard to get an ignorant on the track, I am always a cause of much ado for Him and He is too sweet to ever feel sick of me. By His design again, I just happened to open the chapter 13 of Bhagwad Gita. It gives the detail about body being a work field, its distinction from the soul (aatma) and the presence of Supreme Soul (Parmatma) within. Though already read before, this time what hit me personally was the role that Parmatma plays once He becomes active in our conscience. If we invoke Him even once, He readily takes up the charge of directing our thoughts and approving/ disapproving our actions. I reflected for a while to see where I stand. He is there I know- all time around, yet do I really follow His guidance? It is primarily my own preferences that steer my conduct. Yes, there is often something called inner voice and I do try to comply with it but not at the cost of my ease.

Further, I was reminded of Acharya Vinoba Bhave’s discourse on Purushotam Yoga – Ch 15 of Gita. It is about integrating the human being (Purush), nature (Prakriti) and Supreme Soul (Purushottam) through the vision that Lord pervades everything. The Acharya suggested perceiving the whole universe as a means of worship. If we are able to relate our every routine activity with Him, all our actions become acts of pure service. On that note, I was compelled to inquire if I could practically see His presence inside me and also inside others. My ‘not so’ affirmative answer confirmed that I serve His idol simply because I find it convenient to handle Him as per my way instead of myself being His way.

Now there is a stalemate. How long will it take to lead me forward- He only knows!😃






  1. This is so deep, honest and beautiful. Thank you!
    What do you mean when you say – “My `not so’ affirmative answer confirmed that I serve His idol simply because I find it convenient to handle Him as per my way instead of myself being His way.” ? I could not quite understand it — If you feel comfortable please say – if not, no issues. 🙂
    May He bless us with His presence in His own way, now and always! 🙂

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    1. Thank u so very much for reading it with that interest.
      It was all that I personally felt that it’s easier to visualize HIM in an image but hard to feel His presence in the people around. If I really feel bonded to Him, then how can I be indifferent to the suffering around me and more than that how can I hold any sort of ill will for any single person.
      Seeing Him inside me would make me turn inwards and seeing him in others would change my dealings outside.
      Its actually difficult to express because it is something to be acted upon and not just worded.
      So a long journey to cover but happy that He has given me a start at least.

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      1. Thank YOU for taking the time to explain.Yes, it is a journey we are all on – to see all existence as One. God in the altar, in our neighbor and so-called enemy too. I so hear you! 🙂
        Feel blessed to partake in this conversation. It is His sweet Grace. i have faith, He will take us step by step forward – just as you have mentioned in the post. Thank YOU! 🙂

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    2. And it is not a rebuttal for image worship. I have been doing it for so many years but a troubling thought I had – the way I take care of His idol, can I do the same for an unknown orphan child, believing it to be Him only. That’s easier said than done for me. So I think I need to learn to be actually His way- loving and kind for all. May He keep His blessings intact

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      1. I understand. The beauty of our sanskriti is that there are so many paths to the ultimate – and the Lord takes us by hand and guides us towards the one and even changes the path from time to time.
        Sometimes He wants us to forget everything and focus only on His form and feel that close relation of love in our soul.
        Sometimes He encourages us to go outside and see Him in the orphan, tree, poor lady…He helps us to connect to the ultimate truth of our soul in so many ways. It is so beautiful to read your thoughts and share my heart with you. Thank YOU. 🙂

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  2. This conversation is SO interesting. I am Christian, but open to ALL religions, because they all have so much similarity. I totally understand your thoughts about images. In my own faith, we have to think about that too. We have a LOT of statues and images, but we have to translate that into how we take the essence of that out into the world, and feed the hungry, give a cup of water to the thursty, be kind and compassionate to thise who are suffering, etc. I see that we have SO MUCH in common with you, and that is beautiful

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