Living by faith


FAITH is the Force Actively Invigorating The Heart.

It is a stimulus that sustains our survival, a push factor that connects us to rest of the world. It lays the foundation of every type of liaison– business or social, intimate or temporal. The trading transactions of hefty amount smoothly flow through the channel of mutual trust. The faith in the sincerity of staff enables the boss to get things done satisfactorily. It is the confidence in a friend’s credibility that we feel free to confide our secrets. It is again faith in the driver’s ability to drive safe which lets us relax in the rear seat. The positive energy of faith makes us rely on even unknown faces while its absence would undoubtedly spoil the bonding of a family.
The element of faith is all the more subtle when it comes in the context of divinity. We may name it as God, Ishwar, Parmatma, Bahgwan, Allah, Waheguru etc but it is only our faith that makes His presence real to us. Goswami Tulsidas explains the whole sequence as faith setting the soil to feel Him around, the seed of this sentiment growing up as a plant of adoration and finally blossoming into devotional love.
Life is an uneven journey with its frequent bumps and jumps. The ability to read the signboards put up by faith makes it pleasant to sail through. A rationalist sees some logic in every occurrence while an ordinary man may react as per his set of beliefs. Whatever be the class, faith certainly leads us from despondency to dependency on something within us. The trials would take no time in crushing me but the support system of faith provides me strength to struggle. It convinces my heart to accept the result thereof as the most deserving thing to have occurred after my sincere effort. It may be falling short of my definition of being good but believing it to be right makes the things easier for me.

By holding the hand of faith,
my heart shows me the way
when life becomes a maze.



  1. Love the quote and what a beautiful and inspiring write up – the move from faith to adoration to devotional love. May blessings of faith be upon us taking us to the shore of peace and pure love. Thank you dear friend for this post! 🙂

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    1. As you just touched the right chord in this post, I would like to put up here the original words of Tulsidas Ji- He says in Ram Charit Manas , विश्वास के बिना प्रतीती (एहसास) नहीं होती, प्रतीती के बिना प्रीति नहीं और प्रीति के बिना भक्ति नहीं।

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      1. Thank you so much. i was having a doubt actually about adoration and devotional love — pur priti aur bhakti pad ke samaj mein aa gayi. It is the Lord’s leela to teach me! thank you for being His instrument and my teacher. 🙂

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