Dying before you die


The previous post  Elevator to God would remain incomplete without mentioning the Sufi concept of ‘Dying before you die’. It is well explained through the following lines written by a Persian mystic, Mansoor Al-Hallaj-

अगर है शौक मिलने का तो हर दम लौ लगाता जा;
जला कर खुदनुमाई को, भसम तन पर लगाता जा।

पकड़ कर इश्क़ की झाड़ू, सफा कर हिज्र -ए -दिल  को;
दुई की धूल को ले कर, मुसल्लेह पे उडाता जा।

मुसल्लेह छोड़, तस्बीह तोड़, किताबें डाल पानी में;
पकड़ तू दस्त मुर्शिद का, गुलाम उनका कहाता जा।

न मर भूखा न रख रोज़ा, ना जा मस्जिद ना कर सजदा;
वज़ू का तोड़ दे कूज़ा, शराब -ए -शौक पीता जा।

हमेशा खा, हमेशा पी, ना गफलत से रहो एक दम
नशे में सैर कर, अपनी खुदी को तू जलाता जा।

ना हो मुल्ला ना हो ब्राह्मण, दुई की छोड़ के पूजा
हुकम है शाह कलंदर का, अनल-हक़ तू कहाता जा।

कहे मंसूर मस्ताना, मैंने हक़ -ए – दिल में पहचाना
वही मस्तों का मयखाना, उसी के बीच आता जा।

It is said that God’s mercy lets the Individual feel passionate love for Him. It may come through pure devotion to one’s spiritual mentor and leads us straight to Him. As love itself implies absolute dissolution of ‘self’ into the beloved, the union with Supreme is subtly experienced regardless of the ritualistic adoration. After savoring the divine love, the devotee loses taste for everything else and hence dies to the physical ties.

Being disinterested in the formalism of the world, he looks to be acting in a way which goes against the public approval. The devout lover welcomes this criticism as it helps in spiritual purification by annihilating his false ego. A point of indifference is progressively reached as he believes in staunch dedication to God and not people pleasing. This is the real state of ‘masti’ i.e. spiritual rejoicement which led Hussain bin Mansoor Al-Hallaj to shout Anā al-Ḥaqq, Anā al-Ḥaqq (I am the Truth, I am the Truth). The orthodox understood this to mean that he was claiming to be God himself, whereas he had proclaimed in his sublime spiritual ecstasy, simply signifying a total annihilation of himself as Upnishads talk about ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am the Brahm). Another way to put it up-

– Shri Vinod ji Agarwal

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