The Spiritual learning

सहHuman life becomes all the more valuable if we are endowed with a desire to explore our inner-self. Once we are prepared for this inward voyage, the entire existence comes to our aid in numerous ways. Life, through its various phases, imparts the lessons of truth to all of us. This is a continuous process but very often our resistance to accept the natural course of events hampers our learning. Though, spirituality transcends the limited powers of our mind, yet it is immensely important to have a receptive mind for getting hold on our real identity by grasping these transcendental lessons. The spiritual truth is neither confined to the precincts of temples, mosques, churches nor bound by traditional practices, beliefs & dogmas because the spiritual insight goes beyond these social conveniences. It is a process that pervades our every ordinary activity if our perception is free from prejudice. Attentive and patient observation of the happenings around provides us an impetus to rationally think about the factual essence.

The journey may begin through a chance contact with an awakened soul, through some life-changing event, by reading a thought-provoking text or simply with a random reflex. Once we seriously start up, we have to constantly move on and there is no path except discovery by self. It is not about merely gathering knowledge or information but an explosive discovery about truth, which if let freely to act upon us, creates its own technique. Things that are picked up from any outer source may be overthrown by someone else’s argument but the things realized within become our timeless assets. This expedition of spiritual learning adds enormous richness and joy to our existence. The beauty of life is not about external possessions but about seizing the untold truth that lies within us. Thus, the complex mystery of outer existence can be wonderfully understood if the book inside is faithfully read.

Ref- Think on These Things, by J. Krishnamurthi


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