Road to self realization


There are, basically three pre-requisites for the journey towards self realization –concentration of mind; regulation & moderation in life; equanimity & evenness in the outlook.  It is advised that one should keep the mind fixed in self but human mind is all-time crowded with endless thoughts. The wandering mind wastes much of its energy in the contemplation of petty things. Persistent practice (abhyasa) is required to stop this inner spinning of thoughts. This becomes easier if our mind is purified of the external impressions. For that sake, there need to be a change in the motive behind our daily dealings. By diligently doing the assigned work and not bothering for its reward keeps the mind free from the aftermath of an action already done.

Another catalyst for this voyage is moderation in life i.e. measuring and weighing all our activities. Mind is meant to control the senses instead of being enslaved by them. Our habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work should be adequately regulated to avoid excessive curiosity and over indulgence. The practice of moderation keeps our tendency to act and perceive in a disciplined manner. Our body organs, in fact, are the points of exit through which the power of soul dissipates. So, the senses should be so well cultured that they are able to naturally discriminate between what to engage into and what to refrain from. This would enable the inner-spirit to effectively channelise its power towards self-realization.

Thirdly, an apprehensive mind can never concentrate. So, one must develop positive attitude towards the things around. This is strengthened through faith in the belief that the world is full of goodness and Lord is taking proper care of it. Willingly accepting every situation of life signifies equanimity and not being critical of anybody ensures equity in our discernment.

Also, one is required to progressively imbibe non-attachment through spiritual exercises as reading, listening, chanting and associating with the devout people. However, the self-realization cannot actually be attained unless there is an absolute surrender to God. It is only by His Grace that our conscious gradually realizes that it is complete in itself. The personal sensation of wholly identifying the inner consciousness as being one with the Supreme consciousness is the essence of self-realization.

Ref- Where silence speaks, by Acharya Vinoba Bhave

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