The Spiritual vision for Science

SCIThe knowledge about matter and the knowledge about self are both essential for human development. Science provides us an inquisitive vision for the outer world and the spirituality provides us an insight into our inner repository. Science gives importance to direct empirical evidences and spirituality is concerned with the subtle experiences.

Man has been striving for scientific discoveries since the very beginning. The striking developments of scientific knowledge and technology continue to bring immense benefits for the mankind but the same become hugely disadvantageous if applied otherwise. So, the applications of science must be guided by fair wisdom, which is unattainable without self-reflection. One needs to rise above the conservative mind and think on cosmic level while putting the enormity of science to action. The scientific methods of experimentation, observation and systematization are successfully exploring the outer world but if we fail to realize our inner selves, the science will be left to the mercy of our perilous passion, attachment and aversion.  It is the spiritual perspective that helps us in detaching ourselves from our restricted & biased mind and takes us to the higher plane of limitless & pure intellect. 

Spiritual reflection is not about just adoring a Godly image rather it is about considering the entire living community as a real image of GOD and thus intending to not cause any harm around. Spirituality implies pure conduct- genuinely demonstrating the innate qualities of spirit- peace, wisdom, love, compassion and bliss. Unlimited hankering after materialistic pleasures and self-centered interests espouse the negative utility of science whereas the self-composed intellect will enable us to promote the kingdom of Heaven on earth through technology.

The effective use that an age is able to make of scientific knowledge corresponds to the measure of self knowledge acquired during that age. Scientific know-how advances with every new inquiry and the spirituality grows in practicality through persistent practice. A genuine spiritual thought will always stand firm on the touch-stone of scientific analysis and the constructive facet of science will never be opposed to any such thought.

Moreover, the seers hold the belief that the existence outside is just the reflection of what exists in the soul inside. Therefore, every new revelation by science should push us deeper in the realm of spirituality.  The realization about self renders us pure from within, brings us closer to Divinity and makes us feel that GOD only designs every scientific progress. Hence, the spiritually advanced souls scientifically work for the collective welfare through love and cooperation and by mobilizing the resources of science with such a chaste spirit we shall ensure the wholesome well being of all. So let’s have the present era as an integrated joint venture between science and spirituality!

Ref- ‘Science and Self knowledge’, Ach Vinoba Bhave

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