A  rasik from Vrindavan sings it as-

– Shri Vinod ji Agarwal.

Mother Teresa once suggested to a priest-

“It is not how much we really “have” to give – but how empty we are – so that we can receive Him fully in our life – and let Him live His life in us.
Does not matter what you feel – as long as He feels alright in you. Take away your eyes from yourself and rejoice that you have nothing – that you can do nothing.


Just keep the joy of Jesus as your strength. – Be happy and at peace. – Accept whatever He gives – and give whatever He takes with a big smile. – You belong to Him – tell Him I am yours and if You cut me to pieces every single piece will be only all yours.”   – (December 13, 1976)

Source- Come be My light, Ch 12

Her words resonate well with –

तेरा प्यार जो मेरे साथ रहे

जन्नत से क्या दोज़ख से क्या,

तेरी याद में कांटें बिछ जो रहे

फूलों से क्या गुलशन से क्या।

कतरा कतरा सब है तेरा

हर सांस अमानत है तेरी,

फिर तूं ही बता ए जाने वफा

हम पेश करें नज़राना क्या।

यह दिल ही गरीबों की दौलत

कर्मों के मारे जो फिरते,

वो दिल ही मैंने तुझको दिया

नाचिज़ों का फिर देना क्या

तेरी गलियों में ही रहना

तेरे दर पे जीना मरना,

अगर इतनी महर जो तेरी रहे

फिर और रहा मुझे मिलना क्या।

तेरा प्यार जो मेरे साथ रहे

जन्नत से क्या दोज़ख से क्या…

Source- unknown

If Your love be with me O Lord

I am ready to face anything.

My every bit belongs to You

My every breath is at Your disposal

So You only tell me My sweetheart

What other gift should I offer to You.

Nazraana- gift


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