Be at ease

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“Even if I suffer more than now – I still want to do Your Holy Will.”

The journal entry of February 16, 1949 contained these words of Mother Teresa and she bravely carried on with it throughout her life in the name of her beloved-

“My Love for Jesus keeps growing more simple and more, I think, personal. Like our poor I try to accept my poverty of being small, helpless, incapable of the great love. – …… – I want Him to be at ease with me – not to mind my feelings- as long as He feels alright- not to mind even the darkness that surrounds Him in me – but that in spite of everything Jesus is all to me and that I love no one but only Jesus.” – June 19, 1976.

“I am at His disposal- He can do with me as it pleaseth Him, without even a thought of consulting me. I just want to be His own little one- if He so wants, otherwise I will be happy to be just nothing and He everything.”  – February 17, 1978

If I try to translate her words in Hindi, I can not do anything better than reproducing Pad-Ratnakar (659)-

नहीं चाहती सुख में हिस्सा, नहीं चाहती धन में भाग।
नहीं  चाहती राय सुनो तुम, नहीं चाहती मैं अनुराग।।
नहीं चाहती आदर दो तुम, नहीं चाहती प्रेम पराग।
यही चाहती भूलो मत, तुम सुखसे रहो, बस, यही सुहाग।।
अपनी चीज़ को चाहे जैसे बरतो, कभी मत सकुचाओ।
खूब सताओ, पर मुझको मन से न कभी तुम बिसराओ।।

रुचि तुम्हारी मेरी रुचि हो, चाह तुम्हारी मेरी चाह।
हो चाहे प्रतिकूल सर्वथा, इसकी मुझे न कुछ परवाह।।
चाहे दम घुट जाए, मुख से कभी नहीं निकलेगी आह।
तुम ही प्राण प्राण हो मेरे, तुम ही सब चाहों की चाह।।
मेरा भाव नहीं बदलेगा, भले बदलते तुम जाओ।
खूब सताओ पर मुझको मन से न कभी तुम बिसराओ।।

– Pujya Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar

– Shri Vinod ji Agarwal

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